Bacchus Winemaking Club

The Bacchus Winemaking Club began as hobby and quickly grew into an amazing winemaking business. From the fun-filled basement beginnings 20 + years ago on the East coast to the now state of the art winemaking facility, winemaking at Bacchus will always be about producing quality wines using California grapes and continuing the tradition of winemaking for generation's to come!

You don't Have to travel to Italy or take enology classes at U.C. Davis or Fresno to create your own wines. Thanks to Bacchus Winemaking Club, you now have the unique opportunity to create your own world-class wines. A hands-on winemaking experience for the wine enthusiast!

4 Step Winemaking Process
  -Crush and De-stem Grapes
  -Fill Barrels
  -Rack Wine & Remove Sediment
  -Bottle & Label Wine 

Our recipe for success in the wine business is simple... take the finest grapes of California, add Dominick's passion, blend with family tradition, and you get wine that exudes complexity, finesse, and agreeability. We invite you to come by the winery to taste for yourself.

Bacchus consist of an All-Star Team of Winemaker's, Business Professionals, and Enthusiasts coming from all different backgrounds, including Bacchus Winemaking's very own Award Winning Winemaker Dominick Chirichillo who owned and operated the company with his wife Gloria since 1986.

Our Vineyards

Our 8 acre vineyard (which Dominick planted in 2001) is located in Amador County where we grow the grapes that go into our award-winning and hand-crafted Primitivo and Syrah wines.  Located in the heart of California's historic gold country, Amador County is south-east of Sacramento and north-east of Lodi, another burgeoning AVA.  Hot and dry through the summer, cold and crisp in the winter, Amador is known for it's big and bold varietals, including Primativo, Syrah and Zinfandel. Thanks to California pioneers, Amador boasts some of the oldest vines in the state.  Located in the Sierra Nevada foothills, elevations span from 200 to 9,000 feet, proving a stunning variety in scenery and climate. 

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Our Team

With over 60 years of combined experience our staff has the knowledge and methods to help your winemaking experience be fun and fruitful. Pun intended! 

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